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A sky with no skies

I would imagine
That the hope of a future is bleakness
The constant trudging through out life
Is as perpetual as shift work with no time clock

As a sky is the reflection of the earth
Our actions are the reflections of our souls
Thus our compiling colors and shades
Are the emotions that color our skies

Therefore a blue sky is happy for some
But painful to others
With a desperate need to survive
Though hauntingly and bitterly

I don't regret the choices I've made
I will not regret the fate that I cannot change
Though this death may come swiftly
And my last days in agony

I will remember telling Kelly that today was not the last
And Zeus to shut his face
And howling in Michigan with rocky
And kissing Mya without any care in the world

So this is my wish
Whether I change
Or I grow too crippled by pain
And I can't say anymore
I wish to you, Johori, Kelly, rocky, zeus, andrea, mya, stephanie, mookyloo, corrine, Alyssa,  Mary and amber and all the rest
a good sky

This maybe my last poem
Or I may have others
But if I do collapse midshift or mid class
Don't be worried.
I will miss you all
I miss her already
I told my self I wouldn't cry but I have already

I didn't even know her long
but now I might never get the chance again
Tempting to leave this train

But I don't
I feel all of my scars
Open and exposed

The world falls off its axis and onto my shoulders
So I am forced again to bear its weigh
And I force back the tears

But the bitter melancholy swallows up my efforts
And the train pulls off
I feel something break inside of my
And that coldness steels my bones

And I remember when I felt it last
And I cry
Inspired by 9 crimes
The darkness that creeps up on my soul
Longs for the separation of life and death
Waits for the anger in my heart to rise
As the leaven does the dough

Can it be that the recompense for my crimes
The payment of sorrows shall be paid in full this night
The last night in the world of my love

What I am is not a man lost in darkness
But darkness lost in a man
Demons in bodies made after angels

Sin and wrath leveraging to the past
A wallowing circle of pain and suffering
To continue in a cycle of bitterness
Lasting to the very last breath

How long will the weeping wind hail icy daggers
Till the end of time
Until the day breaks in to the night
And the night falls away

Forever I will be suffocated in my own darkness
Malcolm the demon that follows me
With his whispers and thoughts
And my lost love
My inner dialogue

She is my greatest enemy
Because she enables him as God enables Satan
Because I can't give her up

So my soul burns in endless black torments
Waiting for the bleakness of the grave
To catch me
First one in a while
The rounding eyes
Staring into mine like lost love
As it was

She yelled at me unrepentant
I could not do it
I wouldn't do as she asked
I wouldn't kill her

I sat by her the first day
Held her hands as she cried
Her tears and fears mingled in her words

I played for her the second day
Once, twice, three times
Until her aching body allowed no more
And sleep claimed her

I cried on the third day
Cried that her tormentors would appear
So I could torment them

I prayed to heaven
Fasted for days
But heaven shut her ears
So I gave up

I lay with her in bed
Listening to the machines beep
Until I had to go home

Fourth day I didn’t go to her
I worried and fretted
And someone said move on
But I couldn’t
The fifth day I couldn’t leave home
Friends intervened with family
“There are other fish”
And more of the such

The sixth day I escaped
But she was worse not better
So I talked with her
And she yelled at me again


I didn’t waver
I held her to my chest
And she cried again
Longer than usual

The seventh day
I relented
She smiled with red eyes

“I never loved anyone more,”
She whispered
“You were my whole world
Goodbye my love”

She choked in pain
Then I held her in her last moments
And she breathed out a sigh
And my name

I died with her in my soul
I created a shell to keep up it all
The laughing
The hope
I’m living a lie
Afloat with false friendships
Kept awake by anger

I was her whole world
And now I am nothing
Why won’t someone
Just kill me
Seven Days
I think The better of my poetry finds more meaning in death than in life
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 So what's up everybody? I have been seeing a lot of good art on break and I hope to be seeing some of my school mates on here soon. 
Deep in culinary school as usual but I"m learning a lot.

I'll be around.


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Grew up, woke up. I see the world for the way that it needs to be seen by other people. My eyes see the violence of emotion and the sound of colors and the taste of pain. I feel hopeful of the future

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